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Harper’s Club is a bespoke wine advisory firm offering the very best wines, spirits, and experiences.

We work closely with our clients to recommend wines that fit their preferences in style, producer, region and budget. Collectively, as a team, we take care of everything that involves wine and spirits in your lifestyle.



Why the name Harper's Club?


Harper’s Club is not a wine club. The phrase of Harper's Club refers to the small group of fine, courageous young men who were Marine Aviators alongside my Grandfather, Colonel Edwin A. Harper.


My Grandmother would also make a note to tell me when I met an old colleague of my Grandfathers' and she would always say to me, "He was in Harper's Club". To me, this meant he was one of the few select member's of the Black Sheep Squadron that choose to be led and mentored by my Grandfather through some of the toughest battles in WWII in the South Pacific. Col. Harper flew both tours of the Black Sheep deployment and was one of the last remaining Black Sheep airman passing away at the age of 93 in 2014.

In his 28-year Marine Corps career, Col. Harper flew 97 combat missions during World War II, 21 combat missions in the Korean War and another 14 missions during the Vietnam War. Along the way, he collected three distinguished Flying Crosses, seven Air Medals, a Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts.


Ed Harper near his plane.jpeg


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