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Everything Food & Wine


Harper’s Club is connected to the finest wine suppliers in the world. We take our client's cellars and collections to the next level for investment, or for drinking while reflecting their unique taste in wine.

We record and organize those collections on site, or off site at a professional storage facility. 



We coordinate, plan, and customize our clients travel experiences to the wine regions of the world. If you can imagine it, we can deliver on it. However the world of wines and spirits connects with your world, we are here to make that connection. 

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With our extensive experience at some of the finest restaurants in the world, we work with our clients and their staff to create extraordinary experiences in their homes with friends and family. Whether its a virtual tasting with your work team or a soiree with friends, pairing wines with superb food is our passion.

(We also make sure the wines are served correctly, so you can enjoy them at their best.)

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